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Naked Party with the DJ in Buenos Aires – new book by Daria Sparks on sale now!

Naked Party with the DJ in Buenos AiresNaked Party with the DJ in Buenos Aires – new book by Daria Sparks on sale now!

I just published my new book, Naked Party with the DJ in Buenos Aires, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords and Kobobooks.  Sorry for the delay but I’m now in California and loving it.

Here’s a little bit about the new book.  I hope you read it and enjoy it.

Naked Party with the DJ in Buenos Aires at


Daria’s author page on Amazon

Here’s a little bit about the new book:

Daria flies to Buenos Aires and reunites with Mayra for a steamy afternoon in bed.  Alex and Alicia, Mayra’s bosses, have a brand new night club on the 48th floor of a high rise in Argentina and hired Tommy to DJ.  Alex and Alicia both have their eyes on Daria and keep Mayra busy all evening so they can take Daria home.   The ocean provides a beautiful backdrop for this sexy story.

Flying to South America is an exciting adventure and Daria plans to make the most of it.  Tommy invites her along but tells her he has always wanted to spend the night with a man.  Since Mayra is meeting them in Buenos Aires Daria is happy to help Tommy.  They both enjoy a short steamy time in Argentina.

Excerpt from Naked Party with the DJ in Buenos Aires:

I opened my eyes in a darkened hotel bedroom in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We were lying on a large and most comfortable bed as the sun outside the room was fading around the edges of the heavy curtains.  There was a faint taste of salt in the air and the sounds of the city were low but constant.  Mayra was sprawled on the bed with an arm and a leg holding me to her.  I wondered what the city looked like outside at dusk but I didn’t want to wake Mayra up so I could look outside.  She had made me tingle only hours earlier and my smile refused to go away.

My eyes came to rest on Mayra’s face resting on my stomach, her hair a tornado of mid-length dark hair that even in the low light was a contrast to the soft whiteness of the high thread count sheets.  She worked some magic between my legs bringing me waves of pleasure before we fell asleep in a heap.  My stomach was still sore from tightening up so much during repeated orgasms and I had to smile as I looked at her.

Tommy had invited me on another of his DJ gigs.  I’d said yes immediately when he said that Mayra would meet us at the airport.  It could have been anywhere, let alone South America.  It had taken almost 24 hours of flying to get there but it was worth it.  Seeing her dark hair and sensuous lips as she waited for us in the arrivals hall of the airport was enough to make me wet.  Since then I had stayed wet.

Suddenly her mass of hair was moving up to me, her arm gently and pulling us closer, her knee pushing between my legs.  My hand reached up and pulled the hair from her face just in time for her lips to meet mine.  I tasted the sweetness of dark rum with a hint of lime and ginger, her leg trapping me as if I might jump out of bed.  The kiss continued as she pushed me back onto the bed and rose up until she was fully on top of me, her hips ground into mine.  Her hair was a mess, her smile was lopsided and she was beautiful and real.  She was used her fingers to brush her hair.

“Welcome to Argentina, mi amore,” she said as our lips parted, her hips grinding into mine to drive the welcome home.

This story involves adult situations and adult sexual activities including lesbian sex, girl on girl action, oral sex, a DJ, and a hot evening in Argentina.

Daria’s author page on Amazon

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