Posted by: Sean's Erotica | October 28, 2013

New Book – Naked Party with the DJ in Miami – Thank you readers!

Naked Party with the DJ in MiamiWe just published my latest book, Naked Party with the DJ in Miami.  The overwhelming success of Naked Party with the DJ has been so encouraging.  Many of you have written to ask for a follow up story and here it is.  Thank you all so much!

Available at all major book retailers

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Tommy invites Daria along to Miami on his first professional DJ gig.  Daria and Taylor hookup out on the patio on a cool Miami evening for some exciting girl-on-girl sex.  Then the sexy Argentinian Mayra joins Daria in the shower and the girl-on-girl action goes to a higher level.  Daria wonders if she is meant to be with women more so than men.

Excerpt from Naked Party with the DJ in Miami:

We remained there on the bed for several minutes.  Mayra would lean down and kiss me and I was happy to kiss her back.

“At least I get to see Mayra naked,” said Tommy.

We both turned to look at the door to my room as he pushed the door open.  He had a smile on his face and he was a mess.   His clothes with askew, his hair was twisted, but he wore a big smile so I figured his night had turned out well also.

Mayra leaned over me, gave me a lingering kiss, then stepped off the bed and turned full on toward Tommy.  “Here, lock this image in your mind,” she said.

“I already have,” he said to her.

Then she started picking up her clothes and putting them on slowly.  Tommy watched her every move.  Mayra was long and lean.  She had dark black hair and a slender body that flared out at her hips and turned her from a skinny waif to a woman with real curves.  Her breasts were small, something she said many women from Argentina shared.  Mayra was sexy with or without clothes on, moving or standing still.

This story involves adult situations and adult sexual activities including lesbian sex, girl on girl action, oral sex, a DJ, and a hot evening in Miami Beach, Florida.

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