Posted by: Sean's Erotica | May 20, 2013

Naked Party with the DJ – Free at Barnes and Noble for a limited time!

Naked Party with the DJNaked Party just published at Barnes and Noble for all you Nook readers, so download your FREE copy today.

Available for free at Barnes and Noble today.  Get your free download now.  Here’s a little info about this sexy story:

Naked Party with the DJ by Daria Sparks

Crystal invites Daria to tag along to a party on campus.  Crystal meets up with Annette, captain of the women’s volleyball team, while Daria meets Brian, a dud.  But horny Daria needs an orgasm soon.  Crystal and Annette enjoy some girl on girl time in the tub then Daria joins the ladies.  Then Daria and Tommy the DJ connect and she has an orgasm.  But Daria wants more from Annette and Crystal.

Annette and Crystal meet up on a night when there is no volleyball practice to interfere.  They drag Daria out for a Friday night filled with campus parties, and soon the three ladies are exploring the night sharing stories about dates gone right and dates gone terribly bad.  They share a few drinks and a few more stories, and enjoy the fall evening in Vancouver, Canada.

Daria wants to get laid and makes a quick decision to bed Brian when Crystal blows him off for Annette, but Brian is a disaster in bed.  Just as he explodes in his own pants Crystal and Annette enter the room laughing so they can rescue Daria.  They leave that party behind and continue the laughter and stories while searching for another party.  They end up at Peggy’s House, an infamous sexual party pad.  The house is in the middle of town yet the trees and massive wooden fence give it an unexpected privacy.  Daria’s first glimpse inside the house is of an orgy like she’s never seen before.  She trusts her two friends and enters the house, enters the party, and meets Tommy, a guy she knows from school and the DJ for the night.

The three women escape to the large bathtub upstairs.  As Crystal goes down on Annette, Daria masturbates nearby and enjoys the show.  Then Daria is so turned on she has to join the two ladies and goes down on Crystal.  Later Tommy comes and brings her a glass of wine, and she seals their lips together moments before she takes a mouthful of wine and a mouthful of Tommy, and gives him a memorable blowjob.

This story involves adult situations and adult sexual activities including lesbian sex, girl on girl action, blow jobs, oral sex, a DJ, jazz, and a cool autumn evening in Vancouver, Canada.

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