Posted by: Sean's Erotica | February 1, 2013

my new book Daria’s Sexy College Diary: Naked Video is available now!

Daria's Sexy College Diary:  Naked VideoMy new story, Daria’s Sexy College Diary: Naked Video is available now at all major ebook retailers.  This one is really sexy, if you like three college ladies getting it on together.

Daria asks Crystal to star in an all-girl video about love with her girl crush Traci.  This girl on girl video continues the hot sexual action Daria is known for.  They enjoy oral sex, strap on sex, ff action and a sexy lesbian encounter, with an unbelievable three-way finish.  Daria finds herself masturbating while filming, and the crew is entranced.  These horny ladies deliver an exciting book.

Crystal introduced Daria to making love to a woman and opened yet another se door in Daria’s life.  It also proved that Crystal is comfortable in front of the camera, so when Daria needs a sexy subject for a video editing class she asks Crystal to be the star again.  This time Crystal and Traci star in a video for Daria and the hot girl on girl sexual action continues.  Readers who enjoy hot ff reading material wil truly enjoy Daria’s latest story.

Daria continues dating college boys after making love to Crystal, whereas Crystal continues exploring sex with a range of interesting and sometimes beautiful women.  Daria and Crystal become fast friends more than lovers, but at times their passions overtake them and they find themselves making love once again.  There is no bitterness after their affair, they are moving forward.


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